This Dog Was Mistreated, He Was Traumatized, But He Managed To Regain His Confidence And Now He Is Happy

Otto had to endure a great deal of unpleasant things in his life. The dog was traumatized from the horrific abuse and neglect he had endured, and he was attempting to flee from people. Fortunately, everything changed because of the love of his rescuers, who were there for him, supported him, and helped him rediscover his faith in humans.

Otto was abused in an unknown manner, but it was clear from his scared demeanor that he had not been having a good time. Otto couldn’t control his urges when someone approached him; he even peed on himself.
Numerous medical professionals who cared for Otto claimed that he would never be able to overcome his trauma and return to living with a family.
His rescuers persisted in their efforts because they believed it was only right to strive for the dog’s betterment and, in turn, provide him with a fresh start in life.
Otto started getting care and affection as part of his therapy, and the rescuers wanted to let him know that they would be by his side without doing him any damage.

Otto first found it very difficult since he harbored a great deal of mistrust, but after a few weeks, the mistrust subsided and he began to reveal his amazing and kind personality.
Otto is presently residing in a foster home for the foreseeable future and is quite content. He even has a new sibling with whom he enjoys playing and going on exciting canine excursions.

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