Cat Miraculously Survived For Five Days Under The Rubble Of The Earthquake In Italy

Gioia, an adorable cat whose name means “joy” in Italian, was found hidden among the earthquake’s debris in that country. The cat remained alive for five days in the wreckage of her owner’s Amartice home.

She was fortunate to escape the terrifying scenario unhurt because to the fire team’s great rescue efforts; while she was thirsty, they gave her water right away and performed a veterinary examination. That was one of the most damaged places.

Gioia’s human, Daniela Tursini, is one of the survivors from the earthquake; thankfully, Gioia promptly hid when she sensed the rapid movements, making it difficult for Daniela to rescue her. Daniela was able to evacuate as her house fell.

Daniela felt anxious after seeing no signs of life from her cat and requested that a search be done. She had given up on finding her, but after five days, she got the wonderful news that her beloved Gioia was still alive.


Bulldozers were used by the firefighters to clear the debris, and after some time they noticed little Gioia moving among them.

The fact that this little cat survived the earthquake, which had a magnitude of 6.2 on the Richter scale and caused significant damage and about 300 fatalities and numerous injuries, is practically a miracle.

According to a statement from Italy’s ENPA (National Animal Control Agency) center, more than 200 animals have so far been rescued from the rubble of demolished buildings.

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