Feline’s Unforgettable Response Upon Discovering Her Pregnancy

Under the high-rise buildings, along busy streets, lived a stray, female ginger cat—the town has named her Whiskers. The small-sized female ginger tabby was known by her neighborhood for the curious friendliness and very bright sparkles of emerald eyes. Life on the streets was hard for Whiskers, who was very vulnerable despite the tough exterior.

But one day, the adventures brought her right by the back door of a pretty, cozy café, and there she was met by a good-natured barista, Emily.

Emily lent her soft hands and a warm smile to Whiskers, along with a jug of milk and a soft blanket to lay on. From that day, they became great friends.

Time passed, days became weeks, and finally, Emily noticed changes in Whiskers—her belly was growing, and she seemed to be increasing in appetite. Concerning with the new pet, Emily decided to take Whiskers to a vet in order to make a medical examination. It was there that news about Whiskers came as a surprise: she was expecting babies! That was the moment Whiskers suddenly knew that she was going to be a mother. It was as if something seemed to just magically happen; a transformation. It was as though she knew the importance of the news. She looked up at Emily with her big green

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