Dog Who Lived In A Garbage Heap For Months Surprisingly Transforms

The mission of the animal rescue group Hope For Paws is to save the lives of abandoned animals like Miley. The dog had parasites in her skin, scabies, bacterial infections, malnutrition, and she lived in a garbage heap. However, with the help of this organization, she was able to recover and is now a completely different dog.

It all began when the organization received a call informing them of a dog that required immediate rescue. When the rescue team went in search of the dog, they discovered her lying in the middle of the trash with a heartbreaking appearance.
She required medicinal baths and wound care, so she was treated right away at a veterinary facility.

A little dog named Frankie, who had also been rescued from a sewer pipe, became Miley’s new pal two weeks after she had been saved.
After learning about Miley’s tale on Facebook, a lot of people expressed interest in adopting her. As a result, Toni Bua—a great lady who had triumphed over breast cancer after years of struggle—came into Miley’s life.
Toni and Miley hit it off right away and were inseparable. She even started a Facebook page to inform her followers of Miley’s latest news.
Sadly, Toni’s breast cancer came back three years after she adopted Miley, and this time she was unable to beat it. After her death, the dog required a new home.

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