Puppy Wipes His Owner’s Tears When Reunited A Year Later

According to popular belief, a dog is a person’s best friend. However, for other people, the idea of ‘friendship’ is diminished, as dogs become family. Such was the situation with Chadol, who was treated as if he were a son by his owner, and their reunion, after a year apart, affected everyone.

The old man and the puppy’s family were at home conducting their daily tasks on a typical day. Chadol’s residence had made an emergency call to the neighborhood of this location. When they got at the location where the request for assistance had been placed, they saw the older adult laying on the ground with the dog on top of him, attempting to assist him. Chadol’s owner was diagnosed with vascular dementia at the hospital, which is difficult to treat. Chadol would be left to his own devices if he was admitted to the health care because his owner was his sole family.

However, some people’s charity may get the best of them, and the puppy’s neighbor agreed to look after him until his owner recovered. Regrettably, this never occurred. Chadol’s new owner heard that the puppy’s original owner had not improved after nearly a year in the hospital. It was time for the animal to bid farewell to its previous owner. The reunion was captured on film and shorred on YouTube. In the footage, you can see the puppy’s owner departing in a wheelchair and heading toworrds the enclosure’s parking lot.

Chadol dashes over to the elderly gentleman and leaps onto his legs. The old guy eventually begins to cry, and his dog compassionately appears to dry his tears with his face. “Take care of Chadol, don’t get sick,” the old guy said to his beloved canine buddy. Internet viewers were enthralled by the moving video and began to worry what would happen to the dog now. The neighbor who had first taken him in claimed that she could no longer care for Chadol. However, the puppy has already found a family with whom he will spend the remainder of his days, so there is no cause to be upset.

Below you can see the video where you can see her former owner and Chadol saying goodbye and how the dog wipes her tears:

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