Excited Dogs Shower Their Owners’ Newborn Baby With Kisses

Dogs are regarded to be man’s greatest friend since they are extremely sociable and loving creatures. They have a natural ability to get along with others, particularly youngsters. This was illustrated in a video released by the @morganbarbierii account on the TikTok social media network. You can see two dogs giving a worrm greeting to the house’s newborn infant in the video. And it’s that they appear to be as giddy as the parents themselves, unable to restrain their excitement.

CREDIT: @morganbarbierii

The parents’ arrival to the residence after having the baby is seen at the beginning of the film. The dad is holding the small child in his arms. And he goes slowly as his dogs approach him to greet the infant, who is soundly sleeping. The canines appear to be overjoyed, with large smiles on their faces and their tails wagging furiously. When the father settles on one of the recliners, his dogs come over to smell and lick the baby’s bare feet. They also lick him all over his small face at the moment.

CREDIT: @morganbarbierii

The infant appears to be unconcerned, as he does not wake up as the pups approach his face. They can’t seem to quit smelling and licking it, and they can’t seem to stop smiling. The father is so delighted by the pups’ reaction that he vigorously caresses them. Many members of the TikTok social network were affected by the moment and submitted comments, as is customary in this social network’s publications. « Oh, my God, they’re all pure love. “Pure love,” one commenter on the post remarked.

CREDIT: @morganbarbierii

Others reacted to those who condemned the scenario for its lack of sanitation. « A dog significantly improves a child’s defenses. Although many people feel it is unsanitary, it is not,” another user on the social media platform noted. « It’s lovely to see the animals waiting for you in this manner. They are loyal, much better than people », said another commenter on the article. That video has already received over 3 million views. It brings me joy to know that the two pups will get along swimmingly with the new infant.

The video below shows these two cute dogs admiring their new little sibling who has just arrived home:

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