Dog Visits The Beach Daily Watching The Sea Waiting For His Owner Who Will Never Return

While touring a location along a rocky shoreline with a beautiful view of the sea with Jolie Meja and her family in Punta Negra, a tiny coastal hamlet near her home in Peru, they learnt of an unbeliwabIe story of pure love.

A dog approached the woman and her family after they had settled comfortably along the coastline to enjoy the scenery and the wind.

According to Jolie, who spoke to The Dodo,

“He didn’t appear to be abondomed.” His fur was immaculate and he wore a ribbon around his neck. I stroke him while waiting for his owner, but minutes go by and no one appears ».


The cute puppy enjoyed some cuddles and games with Jolie, but his attention was fixed on the water the entire time. The remarkable and poignant cause was eventually revealed to the woman.

Jolie and her family were hesitant to accept the puppy since they assumed it had been left there abondomed. A man from the neighborhood happened to walk by at the time, and she quickly asked him whether he knew the dog’s tale.

She keeps track of the following:

“He added that almost everyone in the neighborhood knows and loves the dog.” He informed us that the dog’s owner was a long-deceased fisherman, and that the dog visits the shore every day to gaze out at the sea».


The dog appears to have been waiting for his friend’s homecoming, despite the fact that he will not be returning home. Jolie says the dog’s owner deid approximately a year ago, and the dog has been sitting on the beach, looking at the water, without fail since then.

The people in the neighborhood know the dog’s history since they feed it, care for it, and treat it when it needs medical treatment. The dog’s name is Vaguito, according to a local veterinarian in Punta Negra, and he is being cared after by a woman who lives near the shore.


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