Blind Cat That Used To Live In the Streets Is Adopted Now, He and Owner Are Inseparable

Meet Dmitri, a lovely cat that used to hang on the streets of Greece. He used to be stray but now has found a loving family.

Dmitri is blind and Emma looked at him and immediately felt in love with him.

Cat had an eye infection and doctors had no other choice.

Now they live together in London, UK.

“So Dmitri is a boy and we live in London, UK. I had always wanted to adopt a rescue cat. I got in touch with a local cat charity and they suggested that I adopt a blind cat. They let me know that there was a blind kitten available who they had roscoeret and brought over from Greece. They told me that he was found with a severe eye infection and that the eyes had to be surgically removed”, Emma told Bored Panda.

She said that Dmitri hugged her since they first met each other.

“It is almost no different to looking after a sighted cat. He is able to find his way around with his other senses, and I don’t have to make any adjustments to accommodate his blindness. The only difference is that he can’t go outside. Sometimes, when I take him to visit family, I’ll let him explore an enclosed garden and he absolutely loves that.”

Now they love each other so much- they are best friends and inseparable!

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