To Escape Being Alone, A Street Boy Adopts A HomeIes Dog And They Snuggle Together

Loneliness and powerlessness are two of the most difficult emotions to face for a street child. Not to mention the paim of an unclear future, not knowing if he would be able to eat or drink one day. When a loyal buddy comes on that arduous journey, though, everything changes.

A pet is a live example of unconditional love, providing you with something beautiful on a daily basis with no expectation of anything in return. When you have a pet, you learn unconditional love, as well as the virtues of loyalty, dedication, and reciprocity.

Maria Kabs, a Filipino resident, uploaded images and videos of a little kid with his adorable pet on social media, causing his touching tale to become viral.

Rommel Quemenales is the boy’s name, and he is just 11 years old. He lives on the streets of Quezon City, Philippines, and his tale has gone viral on social media.

Badgi is the name of the puppy that the little Filipino kid adopted three years ago.

Credit: Zoorprendente

His parents divorced when he was a child, leaving him orphaned and without financial support. Rommel pays frequent trips to her elder sister, who lives in a nearby city. On numerous instances, he has been treated unfairly by youngsters or even the authorities, who have stolen the little pennies he manages to collect.

“I simply beg for coins; I don’t steal,” Rommel explains.

Credit: Zoorprendente

Maria Kabs’ major goal was to publicize Rommel’s tale and to seek assistance in some way, as the small boy’s living conditions were not ideal.

Here’s a glimpse inside the life of tiny Rommel, who has touched so many people’s hearts:

These are a few of Rommel’s photographs and movies with Badgi. “Please shorre with everyone to help him and his dog,” Kabs stated in one of his writings about the street youngster.

The child was alone on the streets of Quezon, but since he met Badgi, he has found a buddy with whom he enjoys spending time. He teaches him tricks whenever he can and has fun with him whenever he can.

Credit: Zoorprendente

Rommel Quemenales’ greatest ambition is to return to school. He barely made it to the second grade of school, yearning every day to learn more. He wants to work with the greatest people possible so that he may return to his birthplace of Bulacan, finish his education, and one day work as an actor.

Credit: Zoorprendente

One of the ways Rommel gained money was by performing popular songs in his own country. Below is a video of him performing a piece:

Badgi is by his side, unconcerned about anything. He doesn’t care if he lives in a mansion or a cardboard house; the only thing that matters in their relationship is the mutual love between them. The story of Rommel and Badgi is really touching!

Credit: Zoorprendente

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