Rescuers Save A Raccoon Trapped In The Most Inconvenient Location

Macomb County Animal Control in Michigan, United States, got an odd call from a concerned resident. A tiny raccoon’s head was trapped in a manhole cover, according to the guy. The small animal was apparently suffering because its body was nowhere to be found.

They couldn’t cut through the plate because they were afraid it would heat up the cast iron and badly hurt the raccoon. According to Macomb County Animal Control Chief Jeff Randazzo,

“The poor thing’s head got caught coming out of the sewage grate.”


The only way to rescue the small kid, according to animal control officers, was for him to stick his head out of the hole in the same way he put it in. So they went to a neighbor’s house and requested some peanut oil to aid the small critter.

The small child appeared to understand that they were attempting to assist him, and he remained quiet while they applied oil to his neck. They were able to free the raccoon from the manhole cover after 20 minutes of carefully twisting and tugging his head.


The raccoon was sent to an animal control agency and inoculated and dewormed. They returned him to the same place where he was found after two days of monitoring.

But this naughty little raccoon wasn’t the only stranded raccoon they roscoeret back then. They also roscoeret a young child who had gotten his head stuck in a soup container.

According to Jeff:

“I believe that because people are more at home, they notice them and call them more for advice.”


Jeff has recently noticed that individuals seem to be more aworre of and appreciative of animals in their region than ever before. They appear to be more ready and willing to help when they notice an animal in need, which raccoons would appreciate.

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