Grandpa And His Dog Had The Best Matching Beards I’ve Ever See

A grandpa and his dog have caused a stir on social media and in their neighborhood owing to their striking physical similarity, particularly their long white beards, which are nearly identical.

Hung Lay Quon is an older guy who was saddened when he lost his 14-year-old pet in January. His dog was an important part of his life, and his family could see how upset he was; he was hartbrocken at the loss of his beloved pet.

Hung’s family want to assist him in some manner since they couldn’t stand seeing their grandfather’s misery every day at home.


Hung’s granddaughter, Tiana Sandberg, told The Dodo:

She was the source of his joy. They went for walks four times a day, and he was so devastated when she deid that he walked with her ashes.

Hung contemplated adopting a dog after a while because he wanted to take care of another dog and provide him with a good life. In addition, he want the same companionship that his former pet provided, so he began looking for animal shelters.


The plan was to be able to locate the ideal dog, but they were unable to do so, and they began to lose faith until Lily emerged.

Hung and his family knew they were destined to be together from the minute they met Lily. Their personalities seemed to compliment one other, as if they knew they needed each other, and the most interesting thing about them is that they are physically identical.

Tiana stated:

“It seemed as though my grandfather had met his twin as I stared at them both uniting with their beards and bushy eyebrows.”


Grandpa didn’t know he and Lily were visually identical at first, but he adopted her nonetheless since she was such a great dog.

After a day, he saw that, in addition to being the ideal companion, she also resembled him, which made him overjoyed. His granddaughter and daughter agreed to take a shot of him together so that grandfather could see how similar they were, and it turned out to be the ideal photograph.

Tiana continued, ”

“When we showed him the picture, he grinned and exclaimed, ‘This is Lily and me!’ “She is one of my partners.”


People who have seen Hung and his dog can’t stop smiling because they are so adorable together.

Lily is almost constantly by her human father’s side, whether on the sofa, at dinner time, or on a stroll. Even their neighbors remember them, and when they go on a stroll, they keep an eye on them to make sure they’re okay.

Tiana had this to say:

“Everyone in the neighborhood adores them and is always aworre of them, especially in these times when biases still exist.”

Hung and Lily have formed a deep connection, and Grandpa can’t picture his life without her. After all, Lily appeared at the appropriate time and helped him cope with the dooth of his dog, bringing him a great deal of joy.


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