After A Tornado Destroys Her Home, A Dog Has The Sweetest Reunion With Her Mother

Bruce and Ona Dunlap’s cable went out just as the Friday night news was worrning of an EF2 tornado.

Of check what was going on, Bruce unlocked the door to their Logan County, Arkansas, house. “When he walked outside, he said to Ona, ‘It’s terrible quiet outdoors and there’s no breeze – there’s nothing out here,’” Julie Moore, the couple’s good friend, told The Dodo. “She said, ‘Yes, there is.’ ‘Run to the storm shelter right away.’

They had no idea that the house would be gone in minutes.


The pair started to work right away. Ona dashed to their housemate’s room to assist the wheelchair-bound guy into the storm shelter. Bruce, on the other hand, was looking for the couple’s four cats and two dogs.

Ladybug, one of their cats, had gone missing, and their dog Dasha refused to go outdoors. Bruce had no choice but to leave them behind.

“Dasha sensed something wasn’t right, so she walked to the kitchen and laid down,” Moore explained. “Bruce was at a loss about what to do… by the time he arrived inside the storm shelter, he could barely close the door.”


When the storm hit, it ripped the roof off the Dunlaps’ house and strewn debris and valuables all over the place. They couldn’t see whether section of the home was still standing when they eventually emerged from the shelter because it was so dark.

The Dunlaps and a few friends were inspecting the damage the next day when a fluffy face appeared from the ruins. “‘Why did y’all wait so long?’ Dasha exclaimed as she dashed out.” Moore remarked. “Ona simply grabbed her fur and her face and began speaking to her, saying, ‘I’m sorry.’ ‘We’ve arrived.’


Moore took her phone from her pocket and took a couple photos of the emotional reunion. Moore stated, “Ona talks to her looke a human, and Dasha genuinely responds looke a person – they kissed.”

Ona and Bruce were glad for Dasha’s safe homecoming, but one member of their household remained missing: their cat Ladybug.


Then a miracle occurred: the cat returned to her mother. Moore described her as “wet, chilly, and trembling.” “Ona just grabbed her and began ripping the sheetrock out of her fur, hugging and squeezing her.”

“When they discovered them both and she was cuddling them,” Moore continued, “Bruce remarked, ‘There’s your babies.’”


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