A Pregnant Cow Escaping Urgently Stops Traffic Since It Was Time For Her To Give Birth

A civilized society is one that respects life, regardless of the species to which it belongs. As a result, we are relieved to hear that in many areas of the world, individuals are willing to go to any length to help the creatures in need.

On this day, the people of Valparaso, Chile, exhibited their compassion by assisting a poor woman who was having a difficult birth on the road.

Credit: deigo_ibanezc

When nature beckons, nothing can stop it, as the bovid discovered when it had to lie down on the asphalt to deliver its young into the world.

The event was held at the middle bandejón of Baden Powell street, in the El Bello area of Quilpué.

Credit: deigo_ibanezc

Strangers began to approach and report to the authorities after viewing the situation. A number of cops emerged to manage traffic and avert any form of collision; two vets also intervened to assist.

They were able to coax the cow into giving delivery by working together.

Credit: deigo_ibanezc

However, the crisis did not finish with the birth because it was important to comfort the cow who was distressed by the occurrence. The bustle from the surrounding traffic, as well as the headlights of the automobiles, contributed to her anxiety.

However, the vets remained with her at all times and were able to soothe her, while the cops continued to watch the situation.

Credit: deigo_ibanezc

Although the situation was resolved successfully, we must not forget how perilous that unexpected time was for the vault and the population. Furthermore, the cow was not alone, as several quadrupeds arrived to join her in that unique occasion.

As strange as the situation appears to be, the animals appear to have a good understanding of what was going on.

Credit: deigo_ibanezc

This unexpected occurrence piqued everyone’s interest, and Congressman Deigo Ibáez did not keep back his thoughts on the subject.

“There is also the issue of appropriate cattle management, which we know has always existed in Quilpué.” But, with the rise of the metropolis and automobiles, it is already unsustainable. Vaquitas and onlookers are at risk. “We will keep an eye on everything,” remarked the legislator.

Credit: deigo_ibanezc

The cow’s owner might be penalized for this incident, and while everything went well for the mother and her calf, the punishment could serve as a lesson to other farmers in the vicinity. Humans are accountable for their pets and other creatures under their care, thus they must not only provide food for them but also safeguard them.

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