When She Found Out That Leo’s Mom Passed Away, She Offered To Give Him A Loving Forever Home

Californian Katie Newhouser, a UPS driver, resides in Rancho Cucamonga. Leo, a large pit bull who resided in the apartment complex, waved at her and jumped into her truck every time she drove by. She also volunteered to provide Leo with a temporary home after learning of his mother’s pasing, but after growing close to him, she changed her mind and opted to provide him with a permanent home.

As Katie stated to Life With Dogs:

“I ran across Leo and his mother Tina on my delivery route; they resided in a condominium building. He frequently howled for mom to let him down to the vehicle so he could see me. He would feel at home in my truck the moment he got in it!”

When Katie returned from her vacation a year prior, she saw Tina’s son, Canon, leave the resort with furnishings in the back of his truck.

Leo was a kind person, but the residents had complained that he had to wear a muzzle, so he assumed Tina was leaving when she informed him the association was picking on her because of Leo.

Katie looked up the woman’s Facebook profile and was shocked to see that she had passed away.

Katie approached Canon as he was completing his Marine Corps training and volunteered to take care of the pit bull until he returned.

But while he had it, Leo had become close to Moose, his other dog, and the two of them had come to the conclusion that they could not be separated.

She claimed that Tina’s family ultimately decided that Leo would be happier staying with her permanently because he had formed relationships with his other five pets and appeared content.

Added Katy:

“I understood that Leo and Moose had grown close and that he couldn’t go back to being just one dog.”

Leo now has three siblings in addition to Moose: a dog called Bailey and two cats named Madison and Mocha. Leo has acclimated to his new family extremely well, but it was obvious that he first truly missed his mother.

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