When Dog Realizes What She Has Received, She Promptly Unwraps It

Hemi is a lovely young lady who is unquestionably the family’s favourite. She always gets what she wants, and she didn’t want to wait for the holidays this time, so she found out what her Christmas gift was and chose not to wait to open it.

The inquisitive Hemi investigated the entire home for the Christmas gifts’ hiding spot, and as soon as she discovered where they were arranged, she decided to figure out which one was hers to open. Despite the fact that they were all packed, she was able to locate hers amid the others.


Hemi retrieved her present from the pile concealed in her parents’ room, unwrapped it, and hid it with it so she could play without her family seeing.

What Hemi didn’t realize was that their actions would soon be discovered owing to the toy’s sound.


Despite the fact that Hemi was not meant to open her present until Christmas, the family was astounded by her ingenuity and couldn’t explain how she was able to distinguish her gift from the others; they were astounded by his cunning.

Hemi’s mother tells the story:

“We found out when we heard something coming from the other side of the house, so we went to investigate and saw Hemi at the bedroom door with the toy in her mouth.”


When Hemi obtains a new toy, she usually teaches her family, but this time she didn’t and was kept concealed, which was uncommon for her.

Kim explains:

“She wanted everyone to play with her after we discovered her, so she would throw it at them and squeeze it… We couldn’t help but giggle at the fact that she had found the toy since she didn’t appear ashamed.”


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