When A Woman Meets A Mouse, She Invites Him To A Miniature Picnic

Brighid Rose was visiting her parents’ house the other day when she discovered that a different kind of visitor had also arrived — and that he’d made himself at home.

It was a little mouse that had been rummaging through their cabinets for food. Brighid’s parents were desperate to get rid of him, and hoped that their cat would be equal to the task. Brighid, on the other hand, chose to adopt a kinder approach after observing the mouse during her visit.

Brighid told The Dodo, “I grabbed him up and carried him out to the field behind their house.”

But she went above and above.


It would have been respectable enough to safely remove the little mouse from the premises. Brighid, on the other hand, opted to take things a step further.

“I felt horrible just abondoming him out in the field,” Brighid explained, “particularly since he must have been used to eating all that human food in my parents’ cupboards.” “So I brought him a small farewell picnic.”

Brighid spread out a handkerchief to act as a picnic blanket and placed some food on the table. It was a big hit with the small mouse.

Brighid said, “It was incredibly lovely.” “He sat next to me for more than an hour. To me, he appeared to be in a good mood.”

Here’s a video of their little gathering:

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