When A Very Pregnant Cat Arrives At The Shelter, The Entire Staff Falls In Love With Her

According to the individual who took Chloe to Anne Arundel County Animal Control (AACAC) in Millersville, Maryland, she was merely “one of the numerous strays who linger about the area,” but the shelter employees fell in love with her.

At barely 9 months old, Chloe was not only lovely and personable, but she was also nearly pregnant.

“She is very peaceful and personality-filled, and she followed shelter employees about looke a puppy,” said Chris Collins, a volunteer with Friends of the AACAC, a charity founded by the shelter’s volunteers to support the animals.


Chloe also has another unique and endearing characteristic: she enjoys walking on a leash. “On the other hand, unlooke a puppy,” Collins added, “she did fantastic on a leash!”

The shelter realized it needed to locate Chloe a foster home as soon as possible since remaining at the shelter after she gave birth may be harnful to her babies.

“To limit the danger of them becoming unwell, the shelter strives to place pregnant cats or those with nursing kittens into foster homes as soon as possible,” Collins stated.

Chloe, however, had a significant health scare after being taken to the shelter.

Chloe was tested for feline leukemia virus (FeLV) and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) as is standard procedure for new kittens (FIV). “To everyone’s amazement and dismay,” Collins added, “her snap test came back very, very marginally positive for FeLV.” “Almost all foster families have cats of their own, therefore most rescues wouldn’t be willing to adopt her if she was FeLV positive.”

If Chloe were ill, she may infect the other cats.


The AACAC contacted a couple of its FeLV-positive cat rescue group partners, but none of them could take Chloe because she was running out of time.

So the Friends of AACAC took Chloe to a local animal hospital to receive a more sensitive FeLV test. Chloe’s test results revealed that she was fully healthy, much to everyone’s relief. Chloe and her kittens were donated to the Anne Arundel County SPCA.

On August 9, Chloe gave birth to five healthy kittens late at night.


She and her brood were on their way to live in the house of Kim Morrissette, an experienced SPCA foster parent who says that Chloe and her kittens – Catelyn, CeCe, Corbin, Cersei, and Candice – are doing well.


Morrissette told The Dodo, “Chloe is such a darling.” “She adores humans and has the sweetest purr/meow combo. She’ll let you hold her in your arms looke a baby and is only looking for somebody to love on. She is also a wonderful mother to her children.”


Chloe moved from being a pregnant stray on the streets to being safe and secure in a foster home with a lovely family.

Collins added, “Chloe is a great example of how AACAC and its numerous rescue group partners work together to help homeIes animals.”

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