When A Shelter Worker Discovers A Kitten With An Unique Face, She Knows She Should Adopt Her

The black kitten was born with a cleft palate, and the shelter workers took her to the vet, who ruled that she did not need surgery. When you’re eating, a piece of food may become lodged and cause you to sneeze until you recover; otherwise, your cleft palate has no effect on your life; it only makes you appear a bit odd.

People appeared to escape the urge to take Onyx home due to the sight of her face as a result of her ailment, but Cindy Houk noticed something unique in the kitty. When Onyx arrived, the lady had been working at the shelter for a few weeks, and he knew right away that he wanted to adopt her.


Cindy stated to The Dodo:

“The first time I saw her, I fell in love with her. I have two special needs children, and I have a particular place in my heart for everyone with special needs. Her pretty face had a lovely quality about it.


Cindy felt Onyx had to be a part of her family. Unfortunately, new shelter staff must wait 90 days before adopting. While everything was provided for them, the lady paid daily visits to Onyx, becoming more and more in love with the kitty with each visit, and wishing she could take her home.


People didn’t appear to be interested in adopting the kitten as time passed, and no one could see how wonderful she was, but Cindy saw it as a sign that she was the one to take her home.

The lady explains:

“I presented cats to numerous individuals who wanted to adopt them, and not once did anyone want them.” It was upsetting, but I was pleased to know that my time will come and that I would be able to take her home.


As the 90-day mark approached, the woman’s emotions got stronger, and she decided to take her children to meet the kitty. Fortunately, they fell in love with her just as much as they did with their mother.

Cindy recalls:

“After my Down syndrome daughter saw Onyx, she came home and informed her father that Onyx deserved to be a part of our family since she, too, had special needs.” I just wanted her because I knew she deserved a wonderful family that would accept her exactly as she is.


The suspense was finally ended when the time arrived. Cindy and her family were eager to welcome Onyx into their home. The cute kitty now has a home and a family who accepts her for who she is.

The kitten was shy while at the shelter, but as soon as she came at her new home, her personality emerged, and she is now the most energetic and amusing cat of all.


Cindy finished by saying:

“She is never silent. It’s incredibly amusing. When she sees us first thing in the morning, she smiles. It’s a wonderful sensation. He has to play with five other cats, all of which were roscoeret, as well as a large fun dog. Onyx will be spoiled for the rest of his life. She is just ideal for my family!”

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