Two-Legged Cat Adores Cuddling And Sleeping On His Owner’s Shoulder or Neck, He Is So Strong

Meet Rexie Roo, a strong cat that loves life. Cat doesn’t have his front legs but he still enjoys every moment.

This two-legged cat jumps looke a kangaroo.

He has found a loving home and since then he lives with Cairistiona.

“I had been thinking about fostering/adopting another cat companion for my first cat, KeeKee, during the pandemic when I had much more time to get them acquainted. I had always been drawn to animals with special needs and as soon as I saw Rexie on the Best Friends (@bfas_ut) Instagram I immediately fell in love. I had never adopted a special needs animal before so this was my first experience.”

Rexie has such an interesting personality. He loves to cuddle and adores sleeping on his owner’s shoulder, neck or head.

She has said that she love Rexie so much.

“Rexie Roo is named after walking looke a t-rex and jumping looke a kangaroo. I was so surprised the first time he jumped onto my bed! If he wants something he goes after it! I love that Rexie is the most loving creature despite the trouna he has gone through. He is incredibly strong and determined. He is literally the light of my life and I love everything about him!”

We love Rexie and his personality.

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