This Mischievous Little Dog Was Caught Smiling With The Fake Teeth His Dad Bought As A Prank To Take Hilarious Selfies

Ben Campbell of Michigan recently caught his dog ‘Thomas’ in a hilarious prank. He felt something unusual and distant in his fuzzy little companion; it turned out that the dog was up to something, and Ben’s astonishment was seeing him wearing the artificial teeth he had lately bought online as a prank.

According to Ben, who spoke to The Dodo,

“I’m a moron; I bought the teeth on Etsy just to make myself laugh.”


Fortunately for us, Ben had his camera ready to film the funny incident, which instantly went viral, giving thousands of smiles to internet users.

Normally, we would anticipate a dog to gnaw and play with the teeth until they are completely gone, but Thomas had a better idea: show them off and grin instead.


Ben continued, ”

“I noticed him fleeing suspiciously to his hiding place, so I tracked him down and discovered him with his teeth in his mouth, which I couldn’t believe.”


When Ben saw his dog with a mouth full of artificial teeth, he couldn’t stop laughing; evidently, he isn’t the only one in the house with a sense of humour.


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