This Fluffy White Cat In The Clouds Is A Huge Hit For The Public

This is Clyde, a lovely white cat with a personality to match.

It’s a difficult characteristic to capture in a photograph. Clyde’s owner, on the other hand, did so entirely by chance.


Clyde lives with Amanda Hyslop, a Twitter user, and her partner. At home, he loves to keep an eye on what’s going on both inside and outside the window, as if he were some kind of furry, all-knowing deity.

This analogy was recently caught in a photograph.

“Whenever we leave, he has a tendency of looking at us from the front window,” Amanda told The Dodo. “I was aiming to catch it when the clouds coincided with his cat perch exactly.”

And there you have it!


Clyde had transformed into a celestial entity — a holy cloud cat, if you will — in an instant.

Amanda did a double take when she saw the photo.

She remarked on Twitter, “Took a picture of the cat staring out the window and accidently made him into some type of deity.”

Everyone in the room agreed. Clyde’s cloud shot went viral rapidly, gaining him a slew of new fans.


Was the shot taken by chance? Was it a foreworrning? Clyde refuses to speak.

“I believe he’d really looke the photo,” Amanda remarked. “A lot of people on Twitter claimed I just caught him in his natural state, and I believe they’re right.”

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