The Shelter Was Shutting Down Because Of An Abomdonet Dog Who Was Terrified

When a dog’s life has gone horribly wrong, no one has to inform him. It was brotolly clear when Romeo arrived at the crowded shelter in New York City.

There’s a barrage of weird sounds and odors. And, perhaps most importantly, the abrupt disappearance of what he had come to know as family.

It’s no surprise that so many canines who formerly seemed to have it all have totally shut down in a shelter. Romeo, a pit bull mix of seven years, was no exception.

“He refused to move his head off the ledge in his kennel for two days in a row. In fact, there isn’t a single muscle in my body “In a Facebook post, Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs said.


It wasn’t Romeo’s fault, of all, that he wound up as a number at a shelter. He’d been thrown around a lot.

“He was entrusted to a family friend who kept him for two months but didn’t have time for him,” Second Chance’s Kelcy Kimmerer tells The Dodo.

His cage door opened just as the clock reached its last seconds.

Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs dragged him out of there, according to its name. It was the lone rescue organization that came to the rescue of the scared dog. Romeo was quickly placed with a foster home.


For a brief while, things seemed to be going in the right direction. Romeo regained his smile in the company of his family.

Kimmerer describes him as “very kind and friendly.” “He needs to be in the company of others.”

Hope was written all over the face of the dog who had been slumped in a frigid kennel corner.

But he couldn’t stay with the foster family for long. “It just wasn’t a good match for him at that house,” Kimmerer says, adding that it wasn’t Romeo’s fault.

As a result, he was returned to the rescue team.


The gang is now anxiously looking for someone to care for him while he recovers.

Romeo only requires some time. He’s gone through a lot in his life. He’s already avoided dooth row by a hair’s breadth. Now he must make it a long-term commitment.

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