The Family Notices The Quiet And Discovers Their Daughter Napping With Her Dog

Annabell lives in Brazil with her parents, whom she adores, but she also has additional family members she believes to be part of her; their dogs called Zaya, Neném, and Tataia.

Little Annabell and the dogs frequently play outside, enjoy one other’s company for hours, and have a lot of fun. Something her family doesn’t mind and, in fact, enjoys seeing how that gang spends their days in between games.

Annabell’s mother, Lawria Melo, claims her daughter adores her pets. She stated to The Dodo:

“They’ve always been the best of friends.” He kisses them all every morning. He treats them as though they are his brothers! ”


The family becomes aworre of the silence and discovers their daughter napping with her dog.


Annabell and the dogs were apparently fatigued after their fun and games, so they decided to take a collective sleep in the middle of their day. Annabell had the option of going to her bed, but she decided to stay with her furry pals since he did not want to be parted from them.

His mother informs him:

“I had a lot of fun. When I arrived, I was completely drenched in sand from head to toe.”


The sight was extremely pleasant for Annabell’s parents, and while the child does not comprehend the feeling that her parents perceive there, what is clear is that she loves her dogs; for her, being with them is worth it, even if it means taking more than one bath at the end of the day.

lawria stated:

“She is still mute, but I believe this is natural for her. We attempt to convey to him that he can’t do things that pups can.”


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