Rescue Cat Turns Broken Jaw Into Gorgeous Smile

Last year, Duchess the Miracle Cat was brought in to a Texas animal hospital. She had a broken jaw and other complications after being hit by a car, but the the kind doctors at the Texas based Adobe Animal Hospital had faith, and decided to perform surgery.

“Most places would’ve just euthanised her, but by some miracle Duchess got lucky and Dr. Meyer took a chance and repaired her jaw,” said Crystal Tate, Duchess’ owner. “She was in recovery for about a month, she was on a feeding tube and lots of medicine. Her chances of survivaI were slim, but she was a fihgtter and pulled through. I met her the day I arrived at the clinic for my first day and ended up bringing her home with me less than a week later.”

Now that Duchess has found a forever home with a forever family, the difference is palpable, but she still needs help!

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