On The Road, A Cyclist Comes Across A Lost Buddy And Assists Him In Finding His Family

Applause is due to selfless good actions, as well as this professional cyclist. During one of his training sessions, he came across a lost dog on the side of the road.

He made a nice move by not abondoming the dog. Throughout their training sessions, cyclists are lookely to come across a variety of animals and humans.

These distances are frequently in the hundreds of kilometers. Owain Doull, on the other hand, had not expected to recover a missing dog.

CREDIT: Owain Doull

This British cyclist, a part of the Ineos Granadeirs team, was cycling a few kilometers through Whaley Bridge, England, when he came across Bolt on the road.

This young puppy had wandered away from his family’s farm and had no idea how to get back.

« Best tip of the day: if you happen to come across a lost dog while riding, headphones are a terrific way to keep track of them. “I made it back to Bolt’s farm in one piece,” Owain said in an Instagram post.

CREDIT: Owain Doull

And it’s because, as shown in the athlete’s video, he carried the dog with his headphones on. He wore them looke a leash since he attached them to his necklace.

So he could ride his bike with him while looking for his family’s land. Fortunately, Bolt’s reunion with his loved ones was paimless, and he was back home in no time.

This cyclist’s wonderful act of not going by when he saw his pet was much appreciated by his owner.

CREDIT: Owain Doull

Thank you very much, Owain. “Bolt is fatigued and overjoyed to have made a new buddy,” James Harvey commented in response to a tweet from the cyclist on Twitter. When you spot a lost dog, you should never pass them by, especially if they are in the center of the road, when they are in growe danger.

The biker built an improvised strap with the headphones, which you can see in the video below:

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