Meet Plum, A Deaf And Blind Dog That Lives With Her Owner And Always Loves To Smile

Meet Plum, a deaf and blind Australian shepherd. She is 10-month-old and lives with her owner, Aiden Michael Mann.

Owner has difficulty in waking up dog without scaring her.

“I got Plum July of 2019. She was 6 months old and just the sweetest pup. My coworkers work with a lot of rescues and were fostering her and her brother, and I was trying to find homes for them. When she brought Plum to work, I immediately loved her and wanted her. She was just a happy pup and I knew Lola (my other dog) and I would make a great home for her. It wasn’t really a hard decision to make, she deserved a loving home and a happy life,” Aiden told Bored Panda.

Owner used to foster Plum and later decided to adopt her. Aiden really loved Plum since the beginning.

Aiden posted a video on TikTok and was viewed already 54 million times. Can you imagine that?

In the video, you can see Aiden trying to wake up deaf and blind dog.

“The biggest struggle was probably learning to communicate and learning what works and doesn’t. No dog is the same, so what works for my dog may not work for another. So it was a lot of trial and error until we were both on the same page,” said Aiden.

Also, Plum’s owner has said that dog is so sweet and now loves to play with her favorite toy which is a ball.

“Plum is the happiest and sweetest dog you’ve ever met. Her favorite toy is a ball, she loves to cuddle, and her favorite place is anywhere Lola and I are.”

Lucky Plum!

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