Dog Weighing As Much As A Baby Elephant With Health Problems Is Looking For A Loving Home

Meet this dog named Trojan. When he was roscoeret at first he looked just looke a baby elephant.

Also he was so dirty and weighed 223 pounds. Trojan needed to lose a lot of weight and his rescoers helped him a lot.

In just one year, he made a lot of improvement by weighting 132 pounds.

“It’s taken a year, a very special deit and an exercise regime to help him lose the weight slowly and safely; and he’s now almost half of his original weight,” Nicola Anthony, the kennel supervisor at the RSPCA’s Ashley Heath Animal Centre, said in a press release. “Thankfully, he hasn’t lost his big character!”

Now he is feeling very healthy. Trojan is 10 year old and is so energetic. This lovely dog is looking for a loving family.

Dog has arthritis and thyroid problem and needs a lot of treatments. Hope he gets recovered really soon.

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