Cat Feared Lost During Wildfire Comes Running When She Sees Her Family Again

Courtney Werblow and her family discovered optimism a month after the horrific Camp Fire erupted in Northern California, which subsequently swept through and destroyed her family’s home in Paradise, California.

To be more precise, they discovered Timber, their beloved cat. She had vanished just before the family was forced to evacuate due to fire, and the family had spent the previous month worrying she would never be found.


Werblow and her parents were taken to the site of her parents’ former home on Saturday to see what, if anything, might be salvaged from the ashes. They saw a familiar figure in the distance, a remarkable survivaI, there.

Timber was the culprit.

The cat appeared at first as if she couldn’t believe she’d been discovered, but then she took off sprinting. “Wow, you did it!” According to Werblow.

Here’s a clip from the emotional reunion:

Timber, despite her horrible trouna, was miraculously healthy. And now she’s back with her family, who had been missing her terribly.

“This is a testament to endurance, fortitude, and love after so much loss,” Werblow said online. “She is a wonderful family cat, and we are overjoyed to have her back.”

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