After Discovering A Giant Spider Had Babies In Her Home, A Woman Had The Best Reaction

This is a huntsman spider, the world’s largest (and maybe friendliest) arachnid.

It’s nearly difficult not to notice when one of these beauties chooses to migrate indoors. A huntsman spider in the home of one Australian family, however, did more than that.

She had a family. A large number of children.


Claudia was at home with her family the other day when her kid informed her that something was wrong in her room. When Claudia went to investigate, she discovered dozens of tiny huntsman spiders hatching near a window, having emerged from an egg sac that the family had overlooked.

Claudia told The Dodo, “It was certainly an unexpected surprise.” “We had a huntsman spider here and there, but I had no idea we had a complete kindergarten scurrying about.”

The small spiders made quite an effect, as you can see:

Creepy? Claudia isn’t one of them. Her reaction to the spider babies was quite different.

“They’re so adorable!” she said. “I’m not going to put them to dooth.”

And she persisted.


Claudia chose to gently open the window rather than aggressively evict the spider babies (or worse). As a result, the newborns will be able to go outside on their own.

“We decided to leave them alone. The next morning, they were all gone “she stated

The huge spider mother who’d placed her eggs there had chosen the ideal location for her children’s nursery.

“We adore animals,” Claudia explained.

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