A Man Rescues A Puppy That Was Living In A Shoe And Gives Her A New Lease On Life

Goran Marinkovic often carries food with him while he walks the streets of Kraljevo, Serbia.

He feeds approximately 100 stray dogs and cats every day that have no one to look after them, but in March of last year, he came upon a little puppy he couldn’t bear to abondom.


“I heard weeping coming from the rocks as I passed along a tight route,” Marinkovic told The Dodo. “She was hungry and thirsty, and she was chilly.” I was hungry, so I gave her salami right immediately.”

The small puppy was living among a mound of rubbish, shielding herself from the weather with an old boot. The puppy was too young to be alone, but Marinkovic was unable to locate any other dogs in the area.


She instantly laid down and showed him her tummy as he approached the puppy.

Marinkovic stated, “She was fatigued.” “She laid down and resigned to fate, knowing that I could be her only hope.”


Marinkovic picked up the small puppy and took her to the veterinarian. He wasn’t sure she’d make it after being alone for so long and sleeping under the stars. However, the puppy, whom he called Coco, refused to be relinquished.

Coco’s affectionate nature began to emerge as she regained her strength: “She lookes people,” Marinkovic added. “She’s constantly in a good mood.”


Marinkovic’s inbox was filled with messages asking to take Coco in after she posted images of her on Facebook. Marinkovic, on the other hand, wanted to make sure she had the greatest possible home.

He contacted one of his pals and fellow rescoers who knew someone  Coco then proceeded to her new home in Germany after receiving all of her immunizations.

Coco now looks nothing looke the ill dog Marinkovic discovered lying beneath a shoe a year ago. She’s developed into a cheerful, fluffy puppy that loves going on trips with her family.


“[Coco] lives in a lovely house and is now on vacation. “I get images on a daily basis – they’re now at sea,” Marinkovic added. “Every stray dog I rescue and place in a loving home is a success for me.”


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