A Farmer Chastises A Large Lynx By The Neck For Eating His Chicks

Being in control of a poultry business, looke any other business, comes with its own set of hazards. Other predatory animals are one of the greatest hazards when chickens and hens are grown for the sale of their by-products, for example.

CREDIT: Chris Paulson

An interview with Chris Paulson, one of these operators on a farm near Tuffnut, British Columbia, United States, provided the basis for our tale. He noted, with a strong environmental knowledge, that he had to fihgtt a massive lynx weighing 11 pounds.

The big predator was able to get access to the corral, where the hens, chicks, and other babies were kept, and gorged himself on a number of the delicious specimens.

CREDIT: Chris Paulson

Chris, on the other hand, was concerned about the animal’s probable hostile reaction. Surprisingly, he was calm and obedeint, allowing the guy to grab him by the neck, chastise him, and teach him a lesson about not stealing other people’s property in the future.

«With feathers in its jaws, the lynx did not want to go without a chicken. I attempted to coax him out, but he was too preoccupied with his prey. “So I leaned down and scooped him up as a house cat would a kitten,” Paulson explained.

CREDIT: Chris Paulson

Despite the rebuke, Paulson is a thoughtful guy who understands nature and understands that predation is a natural state for these critters.

Once the feline was under control, the man felt sad for the cat, which appeared to be frail. He decided to send him with his hen so that he might eat. He understands that other hunters will always be lurking, but he also understands that they are all helpless beings who must be cared for and never asolted.

CREDIT: Chris Paulson

Especially when it comes to farms and animals that live in open regions, which provide the ideal habitat for foxes and other predatory animals.

“Fortunately, I was able to catch it, and despite the fact that many people believe these creatures are vicious, it was not aggressive with me this time,” Chris added.

CREDIT: Chris Paulson

According to Paulson, this cat was large enough to have growely wounded him. He was more concerned about teaching the animal not to steal from others than he was about his own safety.

When pups get too rowdy and defiant, moms educate them to behave by holding them by the neck, according to the animal lover.

It’s not the first time Chris Paulson and his family have been confronted by a violent four-legged guy after his hens. Chris’s wife recently had to deal with a feathered owl that also atocked two chicks.

CREDIT: Chris Paulson

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